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Been in jim walter home since 1989 have had bad foundation work under company. Bastrop Louisiana

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I had already sent in our problems on our house,just letting U know we never did receive a call back on this,& probably won't when we should.

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Our home we recently purchased was built in 1999. The floors squeak, some are bowed. The supports up in the attic craw space don't even touch the main beam. The exterior walls are covered in fiber boards not plywood or particle board under the siding We live on social security and can't afford to move again. We moved in here Jan 22nd 2016. Do we have any recourse? We just had an exterior door replaced. Doors were not properly hung and... Read more

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My home was built in 2001, I purchased the home in 2005. I just recently found out that the home was not built properly and they were items left under the home. The house was not properly build for water drain off so there is water sitting under my home with wood left there from the contractors.The wood is also a breeding ground for termites. My floor is sinking and all the tiles are cracked eventually we will fall through the floor. I need... Read more

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I bought jim walter home in 1993 and it is falling apart. Doors won't close. Siding is breaking in pieces. Windows are awful. Cracks in walls.

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Bought a Jim Walter home in. 2013,& there dum butts put the wrong air conditioner unit in the house, first of all the heater of it doesn't have heating strips,& it's way to small for our house,& they did the wiring wrong,& no insulation in the walls or underneath, we want something done about this please cause we shouldn't have to suffer for something they did.

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i purchased a Jim Walter home in 2013 the house was developed in 2005 the roof was not made properly the perimeter of the roof has some kind of belly all the way around. the appraiser told me he has never seen this before and i need to get it fixed and that it has to deal with the way the home builder did the roof; not a cause of nature. To add to the issue the wood studs installed in the walls were installed at different measurements, for... Read more

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I recognize all of your complaints. I have cracks in my walls. Floors are creeping, cracking, unleveled. Floors are so terrible they cannot be repaired. The entire house will have to be torn down. The roof leaked until we had it repaired. The floors leaked messed up carpet and molded room walls. I have had the kitchen and bathroom floors replaced. Yes the faucets were very cheap. They leaked until I replaced them. Read more

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My uncle built a chicken coup that was a better building. When I first contacted Jim walter to build I was told start date would be in 90 days. Well the time line took a year and I was served a lette by Jim Walter office that I was being foreclosed on and I call the main office and asked what was I supposed to pay for because there was not a house on my land. 30 days after the call the house was started and finished. The company did not want to... Read more

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