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My Jim Walters home was built in 1977. My walls inside are not straight,they have a slight lean to them. My outside walls all so lean. I am still in the house but had to make a few repairs where I could. Particleboard for your sub flooring (not a good idea). Once it gets wet, it buckles. Rain got inside the house in one bedroom on the particleboard flooring, solution was just remove where it... Read more

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This is more information I meant to include in previous review # 775674. Some of the wood exterior boards that they used are toxic and they have rotted and falling off the house. These boards were spareradic, ie, they used two or three boards of the correct and then substitute four or five of these cheap ,toxic boards which is rotting and falling off the house. Add comment

I had a the Victorian style house built by Jim Walter Homes. I have recently learned that some of the siding used on my house was not supposed to be used for exterior purpose and that it causes health problems. I need for them to give serious attention to fix this problem or I will pursue further actions. Ellarease Johnson. 229 995 3184 Add comment

We had a jim walter home in 2009 in Louisisana. Our floor has fell out in the bathroom and now through out our home we have spongy spots everywhere.. Of course jim walter out of business here! Is there any help out there? Please! Add comment

We was buying one of Jim Walters house [ 1100 Evans Rd in Bolton, Mississippi ] This house had illegal siding wrongful foundation it should not had been build .We filed an Complaint here in Jackson, Mississippi with [ Jim Hood the Attorney General ] The name of his office building is [ Henry S.Walters ] Who I believe is Walters Investments [ took over the name ] Jim Hood never did anything... Read more

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In the process of doing some upgrades in this home and we are running into all sorts of problems. The contractor says that it will take a day and a half to complete a job it is running into weeks, because when one thing get straighten out, he runs into something else that is major and it has to be fix in order for the job to look right. I don't know whether you had folks that you were training as... Read more

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Shoddy workmanship,no accountability, my dream home has turned into.a nightmare ,wouldn luke to hear from other homeowners and seek accountability Read more

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All the springs was broken in all the windows they would not go up. the plywood on the floor`s was very thin and weak. The siding was improperly installed,it did not line up. The sheetrock was put up with finishing nails and staples. THe joint compound was not smooth. The electrical outlets and light fixtures was inside the sheetrock. The roof had a lot of leak`s.The windows leaked also. The... Read more

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I had big problems with a home i had a big problem with this company also but I was not aware that it had ongoing lawsuits if it is a way that I can be added please contact me my home was built in 1991 I continuously as a bit they have problems with the floor getting soft year after year my email is precise underscore Home underscore companions at Add comment

We had to have the footer dug 3 times, the Sheetrock has bulges showing through the Sheetrock, there are cracks inside the home, everything was cheaply made. So sorry we ever purchased a JW home. Now we are stuck!! Never, never, from Jim Walter. The people they sent out to work looked like they just stopped on the road and asked them if they wanted a job. They left a big mess in... Read more

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