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Jim Walter Homes
Main address: 4211 W. Boy Scout Blvd 33607 Tampa FL
1-800-925-8374, 1-800-888-9258, ,
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  • $420K claimed losses
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House poorly built electric doesn't work out of a lot of money with a high interest rate need help Add comment

  • Jul 03
  • Home Construction and Repair
  • Lehigh Acres, Florida
  • Bad Service
  • 21

We built our home in 2003 at the start of the building boom in our area. I thought I knew Jim Walter Homes were not the greatest but I had no idea just how bad. It started with them building it in the wrong spot on the yard (never did fix that) and it went down hill from there. Our back door frame and foundation plate rotted after just 3 years. Rooms are not square, walls are not vertical, floors... Read more

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  • May 21
  • Building Services
  • Little Rock, Arkansas
  • Poor Construction
  • 1
  • 26

So called "best crew" threw house together and did terrible job of it. My house was nothing like the model seen on their company lot. Sheetrock man never completed his job. Rooms not square. Wood warped and split but used anyway. Subfloor from particle board. Materials dumped in yard with no protection from weather for months during construction. Doors did not seal out wind and weather- leaked so... Read more

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  • Feb 24
  • Collection Agencies
  • Doylestown, Pennsylvania
  • Payments Harassment
  • 51

This guy named chris would harrass me about my payments.Even when the house wasn't in forclosure he would nail for sale signs on the house...I never felt comfortabe in the house at all ....I was harrassed so much that I just gave up and let the house go, I was tired of dealing with it. After I moved out my sister and brother n law moved into the house and they started getting harrassed by the... Read more

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  • Jul 01, 2013
  • Home Construction and Repair
  • Air Conditioner
  • 82

Can we please file a civil suit against JWH and maybe we can some of your money back. I bought my house in 2002 and since that time my tub feel as if it is about to fall in and my air condition stop working because the guy said it was outdated and should have never been installed. I have mold growing in my master bedroom and my kitchen cabinets are falling apart. In 2003 my husband was in a... Read more

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  • May 02, 2013
  • Building Services
  • Tampa, Florida
  • Leaking Roof
  • 99

The roof started leaking, Toilets fell thru the floor, The stairs that were built fell apart, Railing on the outside of the house started falling apart and separating so no one could hold on to the banister, The air conditioner leaked thru the ducks and made the inside roof falling apart, Pop corn sealing is constinatly falling so you have to vacuum up two times a day! The windows leak when it... Read more

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  • Apr 29, 2013
  • Home Construction and Repair
  • Alexandria, Louisiana
  • 76

My house is almost 7 years old. My floors are weak and creaky, part of kitchen floor had to be replaced, problems with plumbing, portions of floor pulling away from foundation, insulation has fallen out, problems with electrical breaker and kitchen outlets. I've had to replace garbage disposal, dish washer, washer and dryer. I'm a widow on a fixed income, paying an almost $700.00 note. Call... Read more

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  • Feb 04, 2013
  • Home Construction and Repair
  • Ripley, Mississippi
  • 80

Why are we paying for these Jim Walter Homes and they are no longer in business? These houses are falling apart and the structure in rotten and broken. If someone files bankruptcy how can they still collect money. If we file bankruptcy, we have to give up what we have, do this not go for them as well. They will not fix nothing, nor will insurance. We have paid insurance every since 2003 and they... Read more

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  • Nov 01, 2012
  • Home Construction and Repair
  • Elmore, Alabama
  • Home
  • 1
  • 250

We bought our JWH in August 2003 and moved in. Called about floors due tothe A/C unit pipes were attached to the floor boards and the boards are rotten and weak, i was told to take pics nd send them in. Called about cracks in the walls no call back. They do not hold up on any of the warranty things they say. Never returnes calls and avoids contact. I even called the saleman we bought it with... Read more

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  • Apr 30, 2012
  • Loans and Mortgages
  • Jackson, Mississippi
  • 143

jim walter homes are not worth the money im payn i been in this home almost 2 years the plumbing is ridiclious my septictank has came out of the ground the floors are weak the windows ,doors have mildew cabinets are falln apart the electric is dangerous ive replace breakers an sockets an the insurance is exspensive also have sanitation problems ive got estimates cant afford the cost city officals... Read more

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