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I have a very defective Jim Walter home as well as many other families in the 17 states that they built homes in and i have an attorney i can not name any longer on here because their nice attorney Mr Kenneth Culbreth says i am trying to get clients for my attorney I only hope that if yo have a defective home you seek the help of an Attorney if not mine one of your own

and If you live in South Texas and have to have your house inspected by Jim Walters and their attorney don't be fooled by the very Beach boy looking Attorney with the painted on jeans and pretty blond hair or smile

He is just waiting to chew you up in the hearings and I have been to mediation he is a great whit shark in mediation so I can only guess how he is in arbitration

but do not let that bother you the facts are the facts if you have a defective home you need to fight for your Rights if you have a good house then you have no reason to fight but in my case and many others we truly have defective homes

Monetary Loss: $175.

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I have a Jim Walter home built in 2003 and it is a total nightmare. The floors are making noise, walls cracking, doors wont close, outside siding has rotting, sinks leaked from day 1and the patio doors dont open.

Can someone give me some advice how to get some help. My email address is All information is very appreciated. If you miss a note trying to make repairs they threaten to foreclose on your home.

I wouldn't recommend this company to my worst enemy. Straight up scam.


I understand that whe you are behind on your payment and you are trying your best to catch up it will take time. When we talk to them they seem to be working with you but they are against you.

I was treated so bad and hung up on and left messages that were threatin until I did not want to talk with them I did not appreciate that.

You cant get it refinanced they lied about that I mean I just dont know what to do other then pray to God able this situation and hope for the best. They should not be allowed to treat us this way and get away with.


Looking for help or advice! I had a JWH built in 2004 ans it is falling apart.

Every time complaints were made and since 2005 I yet to have seen anyone from JWH come out or even respond to the complaints.

Here are just some of the things wrong: drywall nails backing out of the walls, floors are buckling(swelling up), ALL doors have gaps, bathroom sink rusted out, drywall cracking around all windows, wood rotting, #4 lumber used in walls, rain comes in doors, porch rotting, siding cracked on back side of house, plumbing issues,ceiling nails coming out, all molding coming off wals, metal trim on walls coming undone...I can keep going but you get the idea!

If anyone can give me some advice or tell me where to start please email me at

Thanks for any advice!


Check with your state laws. In some states when you file a warranty complaint your warranty is extended a year (or whatever the case maybe) from the date that you file.

In other words, say you have a year from 04-29-10 and you file a complaint on May 3, 2010, they fix the problem and the same identical problem reoccurs within a year of the May 3, 2010 you are still considered under warranty in some states. I know that was the case in Louisiana on a home repair case my husband and I had for a central a/c unit we had. So people it out through your Consumer Protection Rights. Do a little legal work on your own.

Evidently you all have computers.

Research it for yourselves. I know lawyers are good, but sometimes common sense is better.


We have been in our Jim Walter home since late 2005. We had to wait over a year for it to be finished and even with the things that needed to be repaired immediately, it took about another 6 months and constant calling on our part.

The JWH in our area closed down (Elizabeth City, N.C). They could never keep workers or they hired workers that would drink on the job, we know because we went out there. The air and heat unit was leaking from day one and electrical problems, we painted the walls and since they didn't finish putting in mirrors, medicine cabinets and some other fixtures, the workers marked all over the wall with pencil that does not come off. The house is basically falling a part.

The floors were never done correctly so they creek and give as you walk over areas, the walls are cracking and paper thin, we have the cement based siding and rain comes through and it goes through the inside of the walls, rain gets inside a light fixture outside and the roof leaks in the garage and in the kitchen (a stain in the ceiling proves that). There were things never done correctly with the plumbing, and other quality issues of the house- it seems like it is at least 50 years old, actually I have seen older houses in better condition. Our grandmother lives across the street and her home is 100 years old, it is in better shape than ours. JWH made sure we got passed our warranty before completing some of the repairs.

So we were left in the cold. We even refinanced with another company because JWH does not report good payments only late payments. We even have a back door plus frame that is rotted and water comes in so heavy, we had to cover it up with plastic and we just leave it up there. We cannot afford to pay people to do repairs for this house, it would cost 20,000 to 30,000-I'm sure of that.

It is frustrating. I know for a fact that JWH does use the cheapest materials to build this home and the others around us. I use to work at Lowes and I saw the account for my house being built, I looked through it all and told my husband that everything on there was the cheapest and it was a brand that does not last, I figured we had at least 15-20 years before things started to fall apart, not within 5 years.

I just want to tear this house down and have a reputable builder build something that would last, you know something you can pass on to our kids. I know there is regular wear and tear on a home, but this is ridiculous.

I tell you, JWH does a shotty job.


You name it, there is a problem every where in my home. Worst thing that really pissed me off and they did nothing about..

the electrion DREW a picture of a naked woman on my FRONT door. When I brought this to the attention of the boss, they laughed about it.

My granddaughter was 3 yrs old and seen it, that was just the tip of the ice burg. Is there really anything we can do about the problems?



have you tried to get things fixed to find they only blow you off thats to let your warrenty's run out so they can place the blame on you

please if you feel as though you are losing hope find an Attorney in the state that you live in and fight for your rights


i have a jim walter home that is poorly built and the house is not even two years old and the walls are cracking. it took them one year to get the heat and air condition unit fixed.

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