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This guy named chris would harrass me about my payments.Even when the house wasn't in forclosure he would nail for sale signs on the house...I never felt comfortabe in the house at all ....I was harrassed so much that I just gave up and let the house go, I was tired of dealing with it. After I moved out my sister and brother n law moved into the house and they started getting harrassed by the same guy.

If anyone knows about a lawsuit against the low down dirty crooks please let me know.

I was young and dumb and signed a lof of papers without knowing what they were and they took full advantage of it! please call with any info about suing these folks @markus #9853516108

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" let it go " = failed to pay

And you blame this on someone else.

Of course.

Pay your bills on time, stop blaming others for your errors.

Grow up.


Maybe if you made your payments on time you wouldn’t have to worry about people coming to your house or calling you. Why would you sign papers without knowing what they were for?

Obviously your signing a contract and buying a house. If you don’t know what your doing maybe you should have had a lawyer or not bought a house.

Come on now. Common sense

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