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looking to start class action lawsuit against jim walter homes!!!anyone with information please contact me at they have messed up my home and then threaten all the time.

i have a hole in my tub that when brought up they say it is fixed when it is not. they would not do the warranty work they are suppose to be doing. they closed down branches and moved my file around so many times that noone new what was what. my hallway looks like a roller coaster.

the only thing that was ok was the electric and that was becouse i told them what to do and how to do it to pass inspection becouse they did not no the electrical codes.( i am an Electrician)

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Yes from my understanding their pier and beam is not structurally correct.I am dealing with this now on a home I bought the inspector missed the structural problem or I would have never bought the home....

My house is falling

Reidsville, North Carolina, United States #999252

We have 3 homes in Reidsville that are so crappy.. Count us in....

Orange, Texas, United States #943785

I am very interested in getting a class action lawsuit together again Jim Walter homes.Our home is awful.

We are having to replace every floor in the house. please email me at telisa.brittain if anyone has already contacted an attorney I'm very interested in getting involved. We had our house built after hurricane rita in 2005.

We moved in July 2006.It's been one thing after another.

White Hall, Arkansas, United States #932910

If anyone really is doing a class action lawsuit I would love to be included as well. Built my house in 2001 and it is horrible now we have put so much money into this house and it's not worth it at all!!


My house was build in Alice texas I had to replace all my floors cuz my kids fell through it's been a nitemare and very stressful

Yorktown, Virginia, United States #753187

hey if you are still pursueing a lawsuit count me in, I had my home built in 2007 and it took them almost 3 years to build my home finally I just told them to leave and we finished and I mean my house is full of just problems every package I bought they did not do and my whole house is falling apart literally, Im falling through my floors and my ceils has wholes in it, and my fireplace never worked and every single one of my sinks have blown up so have my tolites

to bobby Yorktown, Virginia, United States #753191

my email is btw I forgot to add it, I want justice or just get them to fix it.

Long Beach, Mississippi, United States #742859

If u r doing a suit count me in if its still going on I have a home built in 2005 after 10 months they finished it and nothing but problems and still problems u can reach me

Carthage, Texas, United States #726396

I to have a crapy built home from jim walters and would like to know how to get something done my home is 8 years old and falling to pieces any info. On what to do would be great.

Hillsboro, Texas, United States #686769

Add me to the list of class action against Jim Walter Homes.The circuit breakers are burning out one at a time & NOBODY makes a replacement for them!

Outside siding is falling off, Plumbing has always leaked, Drain pipes pulling apart & flooding under the house, etc.

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