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Jim Walter and Companies have built a defective home in so many ways that it can not be repaired and needs to be torn down it is unsafe and a piece of junk that is unacceptable and gets worse by the day and they have made little to no attempt to right the wrongs they have done to us I have an Attorney and am waiting for my day in court , They took advantage of my family and discriminated against us in more ways than one and buys beware these same people in corpus christ that work for united bilt worked for jim walter homes and lied and deceived us at every turn and will do the same if you are not careful see my pictures at


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I purchased a Jim Walter office that was a showcase house.I can only imagine what shortcuts they take to homes they do not plan on using as their show office.

No drip edge, no flashing under siding where deck connects, no caulk around Windows, loose live wires in the wall, holes in the plumbing to relieve gasses in toilets. Cheap roof decking (actually fell through) patched together floor.

The list is endless.I got a great deal because they closed down the office here but for people having a home built by them beware.


Built in 1999 house leak at the baking soda in washroom..had to re placed

Entire back wall sheetrock


Have you found help with your Jim Walter Homes? If so let us know my parents had a home bluit several,years ago and now the house is falling off the foundation, The brick underneath the house is caving in bending causing the house to lean on one side the walls and floor are coming apart.

Please contact me Ethel Riley 352 214-6877


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Angry Homeowner

if you want to talk about your house please email me at

to Angry Homeowner #884020

We Need help with this Jim Walter home. The house is falling off the foundation.

Ethel Riley 352 214-6877

Angry Homeowner

we have an Attorney in South Texas and maybe he can help you or know someone that can look around on these sites and you can see who he is I have given JWH'S every chance in the book to fix my home and they will never get it done it is too bad for that

to Angry Homeowner #684034

I live in South Texas as well and I have been searching every where trying to get an attorney for all the issues I have had and currently have with Jim Walter Mortgage/GreenTree considering they change their name often. Please give me your attorney's information my home is literally falling apart. My email address is :cry


Yes I wish I had read these comments too before building.Wehave lots of plumbing issues,leaky windows and the wind blows right through the others.

Our central heat and air goes out at least twice a year and requires use too dump more money in it. Our bathtub was defective and got a hole in the side of it 8 months after we moved in. The area Lowes and other stores don't even carry the stuff we need to fix our tub and sink faucets so they must have used old fixtures and we have to pull them all out and start from scratch. Its gonna cost another fortune and this house is the true money pit.

We are in Alabama so if anyone knows an attorney thats taking a class action suit against them let us know.We're definately in.

email me at


well it is too the point we are going to arbritrate sometime soon and while we wait i am getting a web site together so everyone can see all of the defective homes and as soon as we get it up and runnin i will let everyone know the site address so everyone can see the badly built homes we have

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