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My husband & I purchased a home back in 2002. I was told it is a Jim Walters Home, at that time, I hadn’t heard anything negative.

I believe it is the sears deal days something? Not sure, I wasnt alive yet. I am currently experiencing mold due to foundation issues, the bedroom wall doesnt even meet the floor, I see daylight.. I had no idea until i pulled off the 1x6” they used for baseboard.

I am afraid to even contact the insurance company. They may condemn the whole thing. I have had common repairs such as a roof replacement, & hvac replaced & upgraded over the years, things I thought were my part in the maintenance. I have had an appraisal three years ago, & it was fine, no major issues, but now I have pulled back the wool on my eyes, & there are too many issues to list.

I dont know where to start, and I am afraid I am going to lose everything I have ever invested in my one & only home purchase. If anyone has any suggestions or anything positive to share, please feel free! I have heard good & bad about these homes, but I would run, if anyone is considering purchasing a Walters home built in the South, during the 60’s or 70’s. I am about to lost everything I have, & never saw it coming.

thanks for your time. I would definitely re-write my comment to something supporting these homes if the company chooses to do the right thing. this home was never built right to begin with. Foundation issues, mold, exterior walls arent even square, & no standard for tolernaces even..

its a nightmare I wake up to everyday, & have no idea what to do. Obviously I am not a wealthy person that can afford to rebuild this house the way I am sure Walters intended.

Review about: Jim Walter Homes House Construction.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I'm experiencing the same thing. Only one plate was ran and it's suppose to be two plates where the walls and foundation meet.

Starting having issues with dry rot and when we pulled the siding no flashing and only ine plate. This really ticks me off.

But of course this house has age. But I haven't seen issues like this with older homes.


You cannot prove it wasn't built right. The house is getting up in age you have to repair it. You cannot live in a house and expect things won't have to be repaired.

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