Our house was done in 1991-92, and no one has come out to check our siding, window mold, bathroom mold, sink, and facuets all too cheap. The plug ins are all torn up and I have to replace them.

I have replaced a sink, toliets, and in the process of during the bathtubs. I hear they have a lawsuit for houses 20 years old, but why not all of them? They know they have messed up more than just those houses.

JWH you need to be fair to all your customers. I want to be in that lawsuit as well as others.

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Did you buy the home new? If so then if any of the defects were violations of the local building code at the time of construction then you can seek redress with the local building dept. If you purchased the home used then JW Homes has no obligation to you beyond the original terms of their builders warranty if any.

Again if you failed to check out this company before you bought then you have no one to blame but yourself.

By the way settling is normal with any home whether it is built by JW Homes or Mike Holmes.


I hope this doesn,t reflect on me, because i do nothing but 100 & 10 % work in this field.

Maybe we need to get in contact so o can save our name.

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